Collection: Embrodered bedspread

Embroidered bedspreads

An embroidered bedspread is a really good investment, which gives your bedroom the perfect atmosphere. We also have them in the large sizes for the double bed that goes well down the sides and can hide any box spring mattress.

Upgrade your sofa with an embroidered rug

The large beautiful embroidered bedspreads from the East and Kashmir are also beautiful as a sofa cover. Combine with lots of beautiful pillows in contrasting colors or create a bright and douche oasis with variations of gentle pastel shades.

Embroidered bedspreads from Kashmir

The large beautiful bedspreads come from Kashmir, where it is a man's job to perform the beautiful wool embroideries on the front. The back we have lined with cotton. Great for the large double bed and for upgrading your sofa. Dimensions 240x260 cm. We also have beautiful embroidered pillows from Kashmir for your bed.

Embroidered Ottoman bedspreads

Our Ottoman embroidered rugs from the East are unique vintage rugs. Patterns and color schemes are gorgeous, we never get tired of them. Some of the rugs have straps if you feel like hanging it up on the wall.

Washing and care of embroidered bedspreads

The embroidered bedspreads in wool should be cleaned gently at a dry cleaner. Embroidered rugs in cotton can be washed gently with cold water detergent. Drop the dryer and let the bedspread air dry.

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