Collection: Lampshades in marbled paper


Handmade folded lampshades in pleated paper

The lampshade provides a nice soft light all around the lamp. It is perfect for upgrading one of the lamps you may already have. For example, a classic lamp base in porcelain or glass. Or you can choose to hang it over the table.

Handmade folded lampshades in pleated paper in many colours

We have lampshades in all the colours of the rainbow. Here is everything from delicate pastel shades, sienna, ocher, moss green or Matisse blue.

If you are into classic white lampshades, we of course also have the lampshades in white and off-white.

Do you just want a little color splash? Then you will like our white screens with colored border. If you are into patterns, we also have a small batch of exclusive unique lampshades with patterns.

Handmade folded lampshades in pleated paper in many sizes

The pleated lampshades fit both large and small lamp bases and are easy to adjust. The lampshade can also be mounted on a socket with a stand if you want to use it over the table as a ceiling lamp.

Tripods for the lamp shade

Remember that the lampshade is held in place with a lamp tripod. If you do not already have a tripod yourself, it can be ordered HERE

Combine your lampshade with a classic glass base

The folded lampshade also fits our beautiful classic glass base. We recommend screen size 24 cm for the small lamp base and 26 cm for the large one.

The folded lampshades are also perfect for Heiberg lamp bases and Holmegård's glass lamp bases. If you have found a nice lamp base at a flea market or been lucky enough to inherit a lamp base, the folded lampshades give new life.

3 ways to mount your lampshade on a lamp base

Depending on whether you use a lamp base, the lamp hangs from a cord in the ceiling above the table or mounts it on a standing floor lamp. See all our lampshade tripods here

Lampshade tripod with clamp

The absolute easiest method when you need to mount your lampshade and perfect for all kinds of table lamps and floor lamps. The lamp stand is clamped around the light bulb itself. It does not get simpler. Buy a lampshade tripod with clamp here

Lampshade tripod with carrier

A lampshade tripod with support ring is used when your table lamp or floor lamp has a lampshade tripod stand mounted on the socket. Here you place the stand with support ring directly on top.

If your lamp already has such a stand, it can easily be used or you can order a lampshade tripod with carrier here.

Lampshade tripod with socket ring

The lampshade tripod with socket ring is screwed directly into the socket of your lamp. This solution is perfect for scissor lamps, pendant (hanging lamps) and floor lamps, where the lamp arm comes down from above the screen. You can order a lampshade tripod with socket ring here.

Which size lampshade should I choose?

We recommend a lampshade size of 24 cm for our small glass lamp base of 28 cm and a lampshade size of 26 cm for our large lamp base of 33 cm.

If you already have a lampshade on your lamp base, measure the length from top to bottom.

Are you still in doubt about the size of your lampshade?

You are always welcome to contact me at I strive to answer you as soon as possible.

TIP - How to make your lamp larger

Is your lamp in a prominent place and would you like it to fill up a little? If you choose the solution with a lamp base with support ring, you can extend the stand and choose one of our largest lampshades. That way you get a taller lamp with a big lampshade.

Handmade lampshades

Our pleated paper lampshades are handmade and the colours may therefore vary. The lampshade provides a nice soft light all around the lamp. We have them in classic off-white and white or you can choose from almost all the colours of the rainbow. If you just want a little color splash, you will like our white screens with painted edge.

Cleaning of Pleated paper lampshades

The lampshade can be brushed with a soft brush outdoors.