Collection: Deck chair fabric and awning fabric

Deck chair fabric and awning fabric in classic stripes

We love the beautiful classic striped fabrics for awnings and sun loungers. The quality is delicious and close to indestructible. We sell the beautiful fabrics by the meter. Choose between width 43 cm or 180 cm.

New life for deck chairs and safari chairs

Give your sun loungers and safari chairs new life with beautiful classic stripes in harmonious shades. A little dexterity and a good staple gun are usually all you need.

Awning fabric as a windscreen

Shade your balcony from wind and look with beautiful stripes in harmonious shades. The awning fabric gives your balcony its very own look.

Perfect fabric for your sewing projects

The deck chair fabric and awning fabrics can also be used to sew, for example, pillows, cushions, tea caps, bags and purses. The awning fabric will also be fantastic for curtains.

Washing and care of deck chair fabric and awning fabric

Wash at 30 degrees and drop the dryer.