Refund policy


We strive to be detailed in our description of the goods. Nevertheless, sometimes it will be that the product was not exactly what you had thought. Our unique pillows and blankets will often look different, but we strive to show as good-looking photos on the webshop as possible.

Note! Cut oilcloth fabrics are not exchanged and are not returned. Then you order oilcloth via the net, DELETES the return right by approving the heading "I accept the terms - read before approval".

You always have 14 days full return when you shop in the webshop, effective from the day you received the goods. The conditions for withdrawing a purchase are as follows:

  • The item must be returned to us within 14 days after you have received it.
  • The goods must be returned in substantially the same condition as at the reception. If a product is tested, damaged or otherwise apparent that its sales value is impaired as a result, the purchase can not be undone.
  • The product must be returned properly wrapped in original packaging (original packaging means a box or other packaging specially designed for the product). It is important that the goods can not move around the box in case of fragile goods.
  • Returns must be made at your own expense. Note: If you regret your purchase, the purchase amount will be refunded less postage costs.
  • Refund will be made within 30 days of receipt of the returned item.
  • Return items must NOT be shipped per. Demand.

Return adress:
Rosengården 12
1174 Copenhagen K
Phone: +45 2814 0415