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Do you need to buy a gift for the man who has everything, the woman in your life, the bridal couple, the colleague who deserves the best, Christmas gifts or something completely fourth?

A gift card can be the solution, where the lucky recipient can buy exactly what they want when they have the time and desire.

How to buy a gift card at Grønlykke.com

  1. Select the amount and complete the order.
  2. You will receive an order confirmation.
  3. As soon as we have completed your order and within 24 hours, you will receive an email with a unique code that you can print out or send in an email to the recipient.

The recipient then enters his gift card code in the webshop. If the entire amount is not used the first time, the balance can be spent afterwards by typing the unique code.

The gift card is valid for 3 years, so there is plenty of time to find the right thing in the webshop.

See how the gift card looks here

If you want to print a cover for the gift card, you can download it here

If you have any questions or special requests regarding the amount on the gift card, you are always welcome to contact us at info@gronlykke.com.