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Cotton Paper Plisseret Lampeskærm - Naturhvid

Cotton Paper Pleated Lampshade - Natural White

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Natural white handmade lampshade in pleated Cotton Paper

Cotton paper is also known as cotton paper or rag paper. It is a recycled material made from cotton. Cotton paper is known for its strength and durability.

The expression is more rustic than ordinary paper, when the light flows through, you see the fine craftsmanship.

The Cotton Paper screen is handmade and therefore varies slightly in shades. It gives a fine soft light all around the lamp.

If you need help finding the right size lampshade or if your desired size is not in stock, please feel free to contact me by phone 2814 0415 or info@gronlykke.com.

Lampshade stand

Remember to keep the lampshade in place with a lamp stand. If you do not already have a stand, you can order oneat HERE

Lamp bases glass

The lampshade fits perfectly with our beautiful glass lamps. We recommend shade size 24 cm for the small lamp base and 26 cm for the large one.