Pleated Lampshade Dusty Mint #111

Pleated Lampshade Dusty Mint #111

Regular price 325,00 kr

Handmade lampshade in pleated paper in Dusty Mint #505

The lampshade is handmade and therefore the nuances may vary. The lampshade provides a nice soft light all around the lamp.

If you need help finding the right size lampshade or your desired size is not in stock, please feel free to contact me by phone +45 2814 0415 or

Stand for the lampshade

Remember that the lampshade is held in place with a lamp stand. If you do not already have a tripod yourself it can be ordered HERE

Lamp base in glass

The lampshade fits perfectly with our beautiful glass lamps. We recommend screen size 24 cm for the small lamp base and 26 cm for the large one.