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Syrisk sengetæppe til dobbeltseng - Mintfarvet og hvid - 220x235 cm I Gronlykke.com

Syrian bedspread for double bed - Blue with White Flowers - 220x225 cm

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Syrian bedspread in jacquard woven blue and white cotton with lavish Oriental patterns and floral motifs.

Can also be used as a tablecloth or as an overcoat on your sofa if it needs an upgrade.

The beautiful bedspread has two different sides, so you can flip it for variety.

The perfect background for a bloom of pillows in beautiful prints and colors.

The bedspread is big so a mattress will be hidden. Jthe acquard weaving gives the rug a nice firmness so that it always lies smooth and neat.

Machine wash at 40 degrees. Shrinks about 5-10%.